Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute was founded in 1944, and since then the education has been carried out within 3 faculties: acting, directing and of dramaturgy or drama studies. In 1999 the specializational direction of the Institute spread and got the name ”Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography”. Nowdays education in our Institute includes 12 specialities and numerous specializations such as:

Art of Acting (actor of dramatic theatre, actor of musical theatre, actor of pantomime theatre, actor of puppet theatre, actor of variety and circus theatre, actor of bandstand and mass ceremonies, speaker)

Directing (drama theatre, musical theatre, bandstand and mass ceremonies theatre, puppet and variety or circus theatre)

Art of dancing

Cinematography (feature film director, documentary film director, animation film director, tv director, sound direction, director’s cut)

Drama Studies


Literary Work

Work of Cinema-man/operatoring

Painting (stage design, film and tv, animation/cartoons)

Socio-cultural activity (arts management)

Computer art projecting

Stage cloths’ modelling

Armen Mazmanyan is the rector of YSITC, professor, director, RA Honoured Art Worker. On his initiatives the following faculties were established in the Institute from 2011 to 2012 academic year: The Faculty of Theatre, the Faculty of Cinema, TV and Animation, the Faculty of History of Arts, Theory and of Management. The Institute has branches in three cities of RA, that’s to say in Gjumri, Vanadzor and Goris.

The students’ body consists of 795 students, 214 of which study at the branches. Teacing is held according to full-time and part-time academic curricula. The Institute has adopted three-degree

system: Bachelor’s degree (4 year), Master’s degree (2 year), Post-graduate degree (full-time, part-time). The graduates receive a document of higher education: State Diploma.

The Institute has extensive ties with universities and academies in different countries. The students participate in Republican and International creative art contests, festivals and receive awards and prizes. Since 1961 many foreign students from different countries have studied at the Institute, including Diaspora of Armenians. At present the number of foreign students has increased to nearly two decades. They are from Georgia, Russia, Syria, Iran, Jordan, Bulgaria, USA.

Course work in the Institute is provided with well-equipped, special auditoriums, workshops, film and video libraries, pavilions. Student theatre with a seating capacity of 225 is a repertory theatre and runs over the whole year giving the students essential experience they need.

The Institute has specialized rich library with over 40.000 literary, film and video works. The journal ”Handes” (Review) published at the Institute contains the professors’ and students’ methodological and research studies. Art professionals and well-known masters are the leading teachers in the Institute. They are nationally and internationally recognized master teachers and artists. There are thirty-nine professors, thirty-eight docents, one hundred and two lecturers on staff.